Manxin Hotel (Qingdao Zhanqiao Branch)

Manxin Hotel (Qingdao Zhanqiao Branch), the design concept of the hotel follows humanistic tourism, Qingdao culture, European style and German architecture. The hotel opened in 2019, 108 rooms, the hotel is divided into double room, twin room, family room. Tao Rong received inquiries from customers in 2018. We communicated with the designer of the project many times to ensure that the initial design effect can be achieved eventually. Starting with the selection of materials, we ensure that every step of the process will enhance the final effect. With our efforts, we have provided suites with beds, bedside tables, sofas, coffee tables, lounge chairs, writing desks, wardrobes, washstands, lockers and other products for the hotel. The design of the products is very unique, and neither do we With a heavy load, the production was completed on time, with quality and quantity, and the finished product effect was very good.

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