How to customize the furniture ?

Step 1: Provide quotation information to confirm the style

Different style furniture, we can customize, as long as you tell us your idea, or send us the style pictures you want, or concept drawings, or CAD drawings, we can provide OEM/ODM service.

Step 2: select materials, accounting cost quotation

Provide pictures to confirm the product style and style, select the corresponding materials, such as wood, plate, veneer material, fabric, sponge, metal, marble and other materials. After the material, size and color are confirmed, they will be submitted to the price checking department to calculate the cost and finally confirm the quotation.


    The marble

      The sponge


          The fabric



                Step 3: Confirm the quotation, sign the contract and deepen the CAD drawings

                After signing the contract, 50% advance payment will be paid according to the contract terms, or 10% drawing deposit will be paid. After receiving the advance payment or drawing deposit, we will arrange the technical department to deepen the product CAD drawings, and provide the CAD drawings to the customer for confirmation within 1-7 days after receiving the CAD drawings.

                Step 4: Antenatal technical exchange meeting

                After customer confirmed to deepen the production of CAD drawings, 2 days will notify the sales department, business development technical department, production workshop department head open prenatal technology exchange meeting, according to customer's specific requirements for each product, to analyze product use material, selected, according to the product using the site climate, material, pay attention to the moisture content; Light-colored products pay attention to avoid the scab part of the material; Discusses how to make the product both the structure stability, the practicability and the external appearance production technology method.

                Confirm the details that need to be paid attention to in production before going into production.

                Step 5: Quality control and quality inspection

                1.After putting into production, I will strictly control each production link, from material selection, white blank, paint, soft packaging of sponge to finished product packaging, and update the production progress and quality inspection report to customers. Such as:

                2.Only when the material can guarantee the quality of the product can it be put into use;

                3.White embryos must pass the inspection of appearance, size and structural stability before entering the production process of paint;

                4.After the completion of the paint, it shall be compared with the color plate confirmed by the customer, and the next production link shall be entered only after meeting the requirements; 

                5.The packaging of finished products shall ensure that the products will not be damaged during transportation. Different packaging methods shall be selected according to different transportation modes.

                Step 6: Independent import and export business

                We will recommend and arrange the best mode of transportation for our customers, whether by land, sea or air, according to the different locations (domestic and foreign) and the customers' requirements for transportation.

                Step 7: On-site installation and after-sales service

                If the contract includes site installation, we will arrange technicians for site installation. All products from the date of shipment within three years, the main structure of the product any quality problems, you can contact with our after-sales service team at any time, send product quality problem photos, identify the quality of the structure is a problem, free to do the old for new.